The Most Common 4×4 Modifications

After the initial excitement of a new purchase wears off, many enthusiasts look for ways to increase a truck’s off-road capabilities. It can be hard to know where to start, though, as so many options are available. To offer a bit of inspiration, we’ve built a list of the most popular 4×4 upgrades.


OEM shocks are designed for the street, and maybe a smooth dirt road. Hitting a rough trail at highway speeds will overheat the oil in these shocks, leading them to lose their dampening abilities. Consider purchasing shocks with bigger pistons, which offer increased heat dissipation. A shock upgrade is a must when you’re considering our plus size wheels and 4X4 tyres online.

A Better Intake

With an upgraded air filter and intake, your engine’s combustion chambers will get more air and produce more power. If you want to make your truck sound better and move faster on the trail, an intake system is a good buy.

Custom Exhaust

While a better intake increases engine resonance, a custom exhaust will turn that rumble into a roar. They’re not all for show, though; custom exhausts increase airflow to engines, increasing their torque and reducing backpressure.

Suspension Mods

Off-roading is better with more ground clearance. A lack of height may lead you to damage your vehicle’s undercarriage or flood its engine. Suspension mods won’t just make it easier to tackle tough terrain; they also make it easier to install big Nitto Trail Grappler tyres.

ECU Enhancements

Unless you’re driving a classic, your truck likely has an ECU (engine control unit). It’s a computer that controls a vehicle’s engine, and it comes from the factory set for everyday driving. However, when settings are tweaked, things can get fun. With ECU mods, you can help your vehicle realize its full potential.

Bigger Wheels

Customizing your truck is half the fun of ownership and adding a flashy set of wheels is a sure way to turn heads. Get a new set of color, black, or chrome rims in a finish and design that suits your style and your driving habits.

Beefy Tyres

While you’re upgrading your wheels, consider adding new tyres to the cart. Big tyres make trucks look more intimidating, but they also provide additional off-road traction and last longer than OEM tyres. Different tyres are made for various environments, and it’s important to consider your habits before making a purchase.

High-Performance Brakes

Better brakes are a must, especially if you’re a rock crawler. Factory brakes are efficient and safe, but they’re not meant for use with other vehicle mods. Any customization project will likely increase your truck’s weight, which means you’ll need stout brakes to go along with your other 4X4 accessories online.

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