Alpine Audio Manufacturer

Founded in 1967, Alpine Electronics has grown over the years to become a dependable car audio and automotive navigation system manufacturer. It is a subsidiary of Alps Electric, the renowned Japanese electronic component manufacturer.

With its present headquarters at Shinagwa in Tokyo, Alpine Electronics has grown in its operations, a fact that made it necessary for the company to have regional headquarters in different parts of the world. While it’s engineering headquarters is in Iwaki in Japan, its manufacturing facilities are located in such other countries as Brazil, Mexico, China, Thailand and Hungary. The company now employs slightly over 10,000 people worldwide. Some of its notable officials include Seizo Ishiguro as chairman and Toru Usami who is the company’s president and CEO.

Alpine Electronics has over the years unveiled some of the most remarkable alpine audio In-car Entertainment systems. It produced the first automotive navigation system that was specifically made for Honda in 1981. The following year saw the company avail the world’s first in-car computerized equalizer. Other products it has made available through the years as the first company to do so include remote control auto security system, in-dash 3-CD Changer/Tuner and in-dash monitor amongst many other products and systems. Other alpine audio devices include the in-car iPod device that allows a user to iPod playback through buttons at the head unit’s front part.

In addition to alpine audio devices, Alpine Electronics has effectively made use of its over 30 years experience in developing in-car navigational systems. It introduced the DVD-based NVE-N872A navigation system in 2005. The system won in the J.D. Power Awards several times over a six year period. 2006 saw the company introduced the PND-K3, a portable navigation Bluetooth hands-free system.

The company has over the years won various European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) awards for its outstanding products. Its SWX-1042D subwoofer system won the best subwoofer award in 2005 and 2006 with its Vehicle Hub Pro VPA-B222R being declared the best innovation in 2006 and 2007. Its other products that have won awards over the years include the CDA-9835R mobile head unit, 7909 CD Receiver and PXA-H800 sound processor amongst others.  

Rockford Fosgate Company

In-car Entertainment (ICE) products are integral parts of any car. As a matter of fact many car buyers take the same into account when shopping for a car. Consumers now look out for cars equipped with latest entertainment products that enhance their car experience. Because of this, it is now very common for car manufactures to partner and work closely with In-car entertainment product and accessory manufacturers for the supply of the same. One such company is Rockford Fosgate.

Founded in 1973 by Jim Fosgate, the company has grown to become of the most professional and reliable Car Audio product and accessory manufacturer that serves the need of various car manufactures. From humble beginnings working from his Arizona garage, he though of how external noise emanating from the street could be effectively handled so that those in cars could listen to their favorite music with no unnecessary noise. He found the answer in having an amplifier formatted for low impedance loads.

It is from that point that Rockford Fosgate company begun to grow. Now headquartered in Tempe, Arizona in the USA, Rockford Fosgate is now a public company listed under consumer electronic manufacturers. Apart from Jim Fosgate, another notable official of the company is Bill Jackson. The company has so far established a subsidiary, the Lighting Audio.

Rockford Fosgate designs and manufactures a wide range of In-car Entertainment products and accessories. These are marketed through three distinct lines. The Prime line is the company’s entry line products, the Punch line that deals in enthusiast level products and the Power line, which deals in the company’s high-end products. Its subsidiary’s products are however marketed separately from the main company’s products.

Keen on improving its products, Rockford Fosgate unveiled a hybrid technology used in designing and manufacturing high performance amplifiers. Known as HT in short, it was unveiled at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. HT enables an amplifier to produce more power than it takes during extended music sessions. Rockford Fosgate is now in deals with such car manufactures as Toyota South Africa, Mitsubishi Motors, Suzuki and Nissan. It supplies the manufactures with Rockford Fosgate sound systems that include subwoofers.