The Lexus LFA is a two-seater supercar manufactured by Lexus. It is Lexus’ second model in its F-marquee line of high performance cars that are predecessors to the IS F line of performance vehicles. The super car was first introduced during the North American International Auto Show in 2005. A second model was introduced in 2007 with a third model, a roadster unveiled in 2009 at the Tokyo Motor Show.

With a planned production of 20 cars in a month, Lexus planned to produce only 500 units of the Lexus LFA. The car is available in 2-door coupe and 2-door roadster body styles. With a wheelbase of 102.6 inches, the car measures 177.4 inches and 74.6 inches in length and width respectively. Standing at a height of 48 inches, the car weighs between 1,480 kg and 1,580 kg.

The car uses a 72-degree bank angle 4.8 Liter V10 engine that delivers 560 horsepower at 8,700 rpm with a maximum torque of 480 N-m. Although the engine is set to redline at 9,000 rpm, the actual fuel cut off is set at 9,500 rpm. The engine is constructed using forged aluminum and titanium pistons and rods respectively. The setting of the engine’s angle at 72-degrees instead of the traditional angle of 90-degrees gives the engine pistons the ability to fire uniformly, which has greatly improved the car’s engine efficiency.

The car is fitted with a 6-speed automated sequential gearbox that gives a driver several options; wet, sport, auto and normal. Like in other Lexus vehicles, Lexus LFA has smooth transition on its gears. The car also has an offset gear mounted on the crank, the first of its kind. This sends power to the transmission via a torque tube.

The car’s interior is unique in its own way. Carbon fiber, leather and metallic surfaces have been used in designing its interior. Apart from bucket seats, Lexus’ Remote Touch controller interface is also available. It also features a TFT display that shows digits in different modes; small digits in automatic, large and bold digits in normal, inverted colors/stark digits in sport modes.