Manufactured by Chevrolet, a General Motor’s Division from 1964 through to 1977, Chevelle established itself as one of the most successful cars not only in America but in other parts of the world as well. The Chevelle was available in varied body styles including station wagon, sedan, convertible and coupe. The production of the Super Sport version began in 1973, alongside the Laguna whose production extended to 1976. The Malibu had also been introduced in 1970. The 1970s also saw the introduction of El Camino, which had been off the market for three years.

1970 was a remarkable year for Chevrolet. The 1970 Chevelle was redesigned to have a squared stance and was available in sport coupe, convertible, sport sedan, wagon, El Camino and four door sedan body styles. These were available with varied features including stalk-mounted wiper control and power door lock. Consumers had varied options in terms of engine; 155 horsepower six-cylinder, 200 horsepower 307 cubic inch V8, 350 V8 and 330 horsepower 400 engines.

Car buyers had two options when it came to the convertibles and couples; the SS option or 454 cubic inch V-8 engines. Majority of the cars had the SS option. An SS 396 1970 Chevelle included a 350-horsepower Turbo-Jet V-8, black-accented grille, wide oval tires mounted on sport wheels, special suspension and power-dome hood. Consumers also had the choice of buying the upgraded 375-horsepower, although they were few in number and the there was no big difference in price compared to the Chevelle SS 454.

Reputed to be Chevrolet’s ultimate car, the SS 454 cubic inch V-8 car offered 360 horsepower with high compression LS-guise. This literally made it the fastest muscular car ever built. This did not mean that the 1970 Chevelle was not fast. Like the ultimate car, it was muscularly built, powerful and fast on the road. Most consumers who could not afford the ultimate car actually settled for it. Due to its high performance and good handling, the 1970 Chevelle has gained a lot of favor from car collectors. It is one of the most popular classic cars today.